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Aernoudt Knecht MSc

Aernoudt Knecht is a psychologist (Radboud University Nijmegen). After his Master graduation he immersed himself in the psychology of religion, shamanism and mysticism. He is also a musician, and a trancedance facilitator and trainer, and gives lectures, workshops and trainings in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In time Aernoudt specialized in themes such as sacred darkness, conscious evolution and intercultural spirituality.

“If you are willing to be an authentic expression of life, next to a clear vision and strong intention, surrender to what wants to unfold is essential.


The challenge lies in developing a clear and vision for your life, and your place in the world. Breath, music, movement, trance … are gateways to an infinite source of inspiration and creativity. The void in the dark is an ocean of endless possibilities!”


Publications (Dutch):

Ontwaken in de Droom

Klank en Creatie


Sacrale Duisternis

Publications (German):

Im Traum erwachen

Klang und Kreation


Heilige Dunkelheit