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Toskana Thermes

Unique healing water – perfect for a revitalizing retreat!thermen_05_groot

Thuringia, the East German state has the most natural springs in all of Germany, and the Toskana Thermes is the best! The wealth of Bad Sulza comes from the deep water of the subterranean Triassic sea, the largest saltwater lake in Europe. You can enjoy the healing properties of this 250 million year old sea water, in which you can actually float! This facilitates a deep relaxation healing process …

There is an Art to Bathing at the Toskana Thermes

liquidsound_01_grootToskana Therme is an extensive complex of thermal baths, sauna, steam baths, etc. The art of bathing takes place in healing warm salt springs, in various sized pools. The hot whirlpools and warm baths will relax your body deeply, get your blood circulating, and leave a refreshing feeling.

Liquid Sound® and the Liquid Sound Temple

In Toskana Thermes they have made listening to, and feeling, sound and music under water into an art. One of the special baths in Toskana Thermes is the Liquid Sound Temple, a magnificent domed bath, where you can bathe in color and sound. Liquid Sound was developed specifically for Toskana Thermes. Want to know more about the Liquid Sound Temple?

wellness_04_grootAccommodation and meals

Participants in this retreat stay in comfortable rooms in House 3, of the Hotel-an-der-Therme, which has its own bar and a restaurant that serves three meals a day. Want to know more about the hotel?

Wellness park and spa treatmentsthermen_08_groot

The wellness park offers comprehensive package of spa treatments, from Aqua Wellness and Hawaiian Bodywork, to Ayurvedic body massage, with plenty of warm oils. Want to know more about the wellness park?