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Aqua Wellness Bodywork

The healing water danceAqua Wellness

Toskana Thermes hosts the worldfamous Aqua Wellness Institute, that trains Aqua Wellness Body Workers worlwide.

Like a healing water dance, wit Aqua Wellness your body will open up to completely new movements, in the atmosphere of Liquid Sound®, allowing a better flow of energy. Gently cradling and rocking, is interspersed with gradual stretching. All you have to do is surrender to the experience, and let yourself be carried and moved. It’s your moment with the water …

aqua_03_grootA professional Aqua Wellness session is an individual experience with one of the Body Workers Aqua Wellness Institute. Massage and stretching exercises, breathing and energy work are combined in a unique way. Professional Aqua Wellness sessions are possible at different times, ‘public’ (during normal business hours) or ‘exclusive’ in the Liquid Sound Temple. Synchronous sessions are also given to couples. Individual treatments are not included in the price of this retreat. But, at the beginning of this retreat all participants receive a lesson Aqua Wellness basic techniques. This will provide you with some tools, for the remaining days of the retreat, to make the week unforgettable!

Other treatments in the spa wellness park

The wellness park offers a comprehensive package of spa treatments, From Aqua Wellness Bodywork and Hawaiian Bodywork, to Ayurvedic body massages. You can also treat yourself to peels and wraps, herbal and steam baths, hot stone massages, Shiatsu, Reiki, Yoga, etc. For more information see: Wellnesspark Toskana Thermes >