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Liquid Sound® and Liquid Sound Temple

Liquid Sound TempleIn Toskana Thermes listening to music underwater, is a fine art! Music in thermal pools usually isn’t much more than some speakers underwater, but especially for the baths in Bad Sulza Micky Remann developed Liquid Sound®. Liquid Sound is an innovative invention in which body, mind and soul are brought together, in a unique experience of ‘bathing in music’.

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Our senses perceive the world on land very differently from under water. Underwater sound waves surround us from all sides, and they reach us not only through the ears, but also through the skin and bones. The vibration of the music penetrates our tissues deeply in water.

Liquid Sound Temple

Liquid Sound TempleOne of the most special baths in Toskana Thermes is the Liquid Sound Temple, a magnificent domed temple-bath, where you can bathe in color and sound. The temple is a quiet area, and is a fantastic place for meditation and bodywork.

Liquid Sound® is fairly new, and Toskana Thermes is unique in that sense, but whales – the troubadours of the oceans – have provided live concerts and poetry readings in the open sea for centuries !

Aqua Wellness in the Liquid Sound Temple

At the beginning of the retreat you get a lesson Aqua Wellness basic techniques. The Liquid Sound Temple is our favorite place to work in the water.

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