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Wellness Park Hotel

hotel_01_grootHotel-an-der-Therme is an integral part of Toskana Thermes, and consists of several ‘houses’. Participants in this resourcing holiday stay in comfortable rooms in House 3, which has its own bar and a restaurant, and serves three organic and vegetarian meals a day.


Lodging in this revitalizing retreat is based on:
* Full board (organic meals from dinner on arrival until lunch on departure)
* Double and single rooms (double room with discount, see registration page)

On your own initiative, you can book extra days to stay at the hotel, for example, if you want to arrive earlier or stay longer. For this please you contact the hotel: info@hotel-an-der-therme.de. Do not forget to mention that you participate in our program, and are part of our group, because then you get a special discount!

‘Tuscany of the East’

The area surrounding Bad Sulza is very worth while. The region is the northernmost wine region of Europe, and is therefore called the ‘Tuscany of the East’. The vast rolling landscapes around the hotel are very beautiful, and possibilities include:

– Many walks
– Willows Temple in Auerstedt
– The Goethe Museum
– The Planetarium in Jena
– Shop in Weimar