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Wellnesspark Toskana World

Wellness - Hot Stone Massagewellness_06_grootHealth, wellness and beauty flow together in Toskana Thermes, a paradise of wealth … The spa park offers an extensive package of spa treatments, from Aqua Wellness Bodywork – a treatment in which you will be moved by the thermal water – to Ayurvedic body massages, in which you abundantly showered with warm oils.

All of this is complemented by a wealth of rejuvenating treatments such as algae-peels and wraps, herbal and steam rooms, hot-stone massages, baths with special oils (eg. rose / orange blossom).

Toskana World also offers Ayurvedic treatments, Shiatsu, Reiki, Feel music, NLP and Yoga.

And here are some ways other ways to pamper yourself with, during this revitalizing retreat:

Liquid Bodywork

Aqua Wellness Bodywork

Aqua Wellness & Hawaiian Combination

Aloha back massage

Hawaiian-style for back, shoulders and neck

Aloha face massage

Four-handed Hawaiian

Aloha Hawaiian Bodywork


Individual treatments are not included in the price of this retreat.
For prices see: www.ToskanaWorld.net