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Revitalizing Retreat!

The perfect blend of fire and water!

wellness_01_grootThis retreat is uniquely designed for you to revitalize, with a combination of elements like Dance and Aqua Wellness. Water and fire creates steam, a purifying vapor, and we offer you the chance to deeply nourish your Essence. Intensive program elements are interspersed with time to float and relax in the warm water.

Awakening Body & Soul!

In this revitalizing retreat we invite you to immerse yourself in a series of powerful exercises for transformation and revitalisation. This program is a profoundly healing and transformative experience, that will leave you glowing from the inside-out. Come and move, dance, float, and enjoy the Healing Waters of Toskana Thermes!

TrancedanceMeditation, Soundhealing & Dance

Open your mind and your heart, and step playfully into new, expanded, and inspired ways of being! In a series of techniques, rituals and exercizes, we activate the wisdom of our bodies. We will work with Meditation, Soundhealing, Dance and Aqua-Wellness, and turn your body into an instrument of healing and wisdom.
Aqua Wellness Bodywork

Aqua Wellness Bodywork

You will be able to float, in the special salty water of the hotsprings of Toskana Thermes. This unique water will carry you, and help you to relax deeply. This allows you to integrate things in a much deeper way. As a part of this rereat program, you will receive a lesson in Aqua Wellness basic techniques. Learn more: What is Aqua Wellness?