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Some participants from past years:


Vital Wellness“7 days of dance and aqua wellness: every time a new experience, every time a layer deeper, … a journey further. In the water: Whether I float, or are carried through the water, the dance continues. I’m a dancer-bird-fish simultaneously, in each moment flowing, flying, dancing. There is no more room, everything is space. There is no more time, everything is time …” Helene


“Thank you again for the incredible week in Toskana Thermes! My original intention was to de-stress, and to recharge my batteries, so I could get back to my job being fresh again. That intention is fulfilled … I found the enthusiasm that I had in the early days of my work. But I got so much more in this retreat! I came to de-stress, but I left as a rejuvenated man. This week has made me a different person on an existential, emotional, relational and rational scale.” Manu


“I still feel nourished … and when I talk about this retreat to people, they say my eyes sparkle!” Ingrid


“Thank you, you offered this retreat in a very relaxed way you. I felt invited, never forced. The bedding of the particular composition of precisely these people was the perfect support. The warm thermal water is a fantastic facilitator to be receptive … and I found your program an absolute success! I feel grateful that was able to participate.” Hilde