Wellspring Academy

20th Anniversary

Wellspring Academy was founded in 2002 by Aernoudt Knecht, and the retreat and training center opened in 2012.

We offer facilitator trainings and masterclasses on:

Contemporary Shamanism
Trance Dance
Ceremonial Darkness
Soul Retrieval
Intercultural Spirituality
Wellspring Academy 20th Anniversary

Trance Dance
Facilitator Training

  • Module 1: DANCER
  • Module 2: FACILITATOR
  • Master Modules:

Aernoudt Knecht MSc
Psychologist, Author, Teacher

Aernoudt KnechtAernoudt Knecht (MSc Psychology, Radboud University) has over 20 years of experiece in the fields of psychology, coaching and teaching, and in facilitating Trance Dance rituals.

During his formal education Aernoudt specialized in the psychology of culture and religion. Since then, he studied and apprenticed with a variety of traditional and modern healers and teachers, building on two decades of experience! Publications:

Blindfold & Darkness
Sound & Music
Trance & Consciousness
Trance & The Subconscious
Higher or Lower Frequency?
Holding Space

Aernoudt is the founder of Wellspirng Academy and Retreat Center, and teaches in Europe and beyond.

If you are willing to be an authentic expression of life, apart from a clear vision and a powerful intention, surrendering to whatever unfolds, is essential. 

Breath, music, movement, trance … are portals to an infinite source of inspiration and creativity. 

The void in darkness, is an ocean of ancient memories, and endless possibilities!


Merit Holzner
Nutritionist, Yoga-Instructor, Teacher

Merit HolznerAs a nutritionist Merit has specialized in health food and nutritional supplements, focussing mainly on detoxification, like fasting, heavy metal detox, liver- intestines- and kidney-cleanses.

In her training as a teacher and space holder for kids and adults she focussed on ‘intrinsic motivation’ and the impulses that come from within.

She experienced altered states of consciousness through the shamanic practices of indigenous people, during her travels, living in South America for years.

Back in Europe she employs her experience and qualities in facilitating retreats, and Trance Dance Rituals, a practice that deeply resonates with her purpose.

I am taught by life, more and more, to surrender to what is, and to what constantly unfolds.

My attention is on creating, and holding, a space of love and acceptance for what is already there in an individual to show itself, to unfold, to be expressed and to bloom.

In the same way I want to provide a safe space for healing and transformation.

What fascinates me most is when healing takes place through transpersonal experiences, like meditation and trance.

Wellspring Academy